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American Triumph

Thursday, May 5, 2011

3 Great Wines for Moms Who Like Whites

If your mom loves "white" wine (and most of the moms I know mean Chardonnay when they say this, although they all need to live a little), try one of these beauties:

1. St. Supéry 2009 Oak Free Chardonnay
Chardonnay is a wine many people associate with the rich, buttery flavor of oak barrels. But if your mom is in the mood for something a bit lighter and more fruit forward, tempt her taste buds with a St. Supéry Oak Free Chardonnay. This is a medium-bodied wine that even red wine drinkers usually appreciate upon first sip. It goes down smoothly, gives off fresh, clean aromas of green apple and minerals, and fills the mouth with tastes of mellon, apple, and pear. No oakiness to be found.
It's so good, I wish I had a bottle of my own right now. Retails for approx. $22-25.00. Fyi: The 2009 is quite nice but older/newer vintages are also excellent. 
GAW Rating: 4/5 (one of my favorites, esp for the price)

2. Viansa's 2007 Frescolina
Frescolina is not a wine most people have heard of, because it's usually only available directly through Viansa winery, but if you're looking to take mom on a relaxing mother's day picnic, this is the ideal wine to pack in the basket as a nice dessert surprise. Not only is the bottle itself lovely, the wine inside is rather good, with aromas of honeysuckle and mellon and a palate tasting of apricots, peaches, and flowers. My mom loves this stuff. Serve chilled, either on its own or with strawberries. This wine has proven fairly consistent across vintages, too. 
GAW Rating: 4/5 (this is quite a nice treat)

3. 2010 Hall Napa Valley Sauvignon Blanc
Hall makes fantastic wine. Much of their wine is on the pricey side but this bottle of Sauvignon Blanc is priced very well (approx. $22). If your mom likes fruity, zesty wine with hints of citrus, this should go down very well. The wine gives off strong fruit-forward aromas of grapefruit and passionfruit, with a palate dominated by notes of lime, guava, and honeysuckle, followed by a clean, minerally finish. A crisp, fresh choice, perfect on its own or with salad or fish.
GAW Rating: 4/5 (a great wine and a bargain for the price)

Happy Mother's day! For moms who like red wine, particularly Zins, and for buyers shopping at their local grocery store rather than online, I also highly recommend Cline's 2009 Ancient Vines Zinfandel.

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