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American Triumph

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Simple Aroma and Tasting Crib Sheet

Do you or your non-savvy wine friends need a little assistance when attempting to describe wine during tastings or everyday life? Trying to think of a fun and cheap (i.e. FREE) gift to give Mom this weekend before pouring her out a glass of chilled Rose at brunch? Is a wine aroma wheel too damn annoying for your mom or anyone else you know to bother with?

Very pretty, but also irritating at times. Maybe it's just me?

Vinography, one of my favorite wines sites, has developed an aroma card that makes wine sampling easy peesy. Instead of those round and confusing aroma and flavor guide wheels, which I find incredibly irritating, frankly, and difficult to read while drinking anyway, Vinography developed a straightforward aroma card.

You don't have to spin the wheel around in circles looking for the right flavor and squinting while tasting wine; rather, you can just pull up the Vinography Aroma Card pdf and print the cheat sheet; fold it into a little card and insert in your wallet or purse or fannypack or whatever; pop the crib sheet out when needed; and glance down the list until your brain stumbles on the correct descriptor. Simple. Easy and fun. I love little "find the right word" games.


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