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American Triumph

Monday, May 2, 2011

5 Reasons No One Visits Wine Blogs

1. Who wants to look online?
When most people decide to buy a bottle of wine, they don't hit up google; they hit up their local vendor or a site like Wine Library. Regular wine drinkers don't have the time or inclination to do tons of research: they like to browse in person and pick out a bottle. Presto, wine's on the table and in a glass. Why spend time you don't have looking for opinions on the internet? This isn't a major purchase! (Most of my friends spend an average of $6-10 on a bottle of wine.)

2. The amount of info out there is bewildering. 
If you do hit up google for assistance, you'll find that there are wine blogs and wine libraries; wine-region promotional sites and links to wineries; wine magazines and random articles about wine drinking; wine advertisements and tourist destinations; and so on. Unless you know what you're looking for, you're likely to feel like Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole.

3. Wine culture is off-putting.
Let's face it, most people prefer to drink wine and not talk about it too much. Talking ruins the wine and makes you feel foolish or silly or uninformed. I grew up in a household in which no one knew a thing about wine or even how to pronounce the names of various grapes: box and jug wine were frequently consumed at room temperature (avg. 70 degrees). No one started a conversation about wine or sought out reviews, they just drank, and offered, whatever was on hand.

4. Wine preferences are subjective. 
My go-to wine may be a bold, heavy Cab while someone else may prefer to imbibe a light and fruity rosé, or even a sickly-sweet $5 Riesling (I'm thinking of my mother-in-law right now). Why read the opinions of others, even if they are better informed, when it comes to wine?

5. Wine is usually an impulse buy.
There's a reason why the cheaper, mass-produced wines are often served at parties and family gatherings: they're available everywhere and the prices are low. In the midst of planning a menu and buying all of the ingredients needed for feeding a horde of people, or even just your own family, buying wine is not an experience most shoppers tend to 
savor. They want to be in and out. 

*So why bother reading this blog? After all, there are five very good reasons not to. The simple answer is this: reading about wine, even talking about wine, can be really fun. I promise. It may not be done in most American households, but I aim to get the conversation started. Why leave all the wine talk, particularly about locally produced wines, to the wine snobs? We're the ones doing most of the drinking. So what if you do like box wine or two-buck chuck or the cheapest bottle you can find? Talk about those preferences here! 

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