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American Triumph

Sunday, May 8, 2011

An Everyday Rosé for a Modest Budget: Uvaggio's Rosato

This is the season for rosés, and I've taken it upon myself to sample several under $15 bucks. My goal is to find an everyday rosé blend, one that's easy to drink, fairly easy to find, and accompanied by a very attractive price tag. I want a rosé table wine that's perfect for a warm summer's evening by the pool, on the couch, or in a lounge chair outside. 

Today I'm pouring a nicely chilled 2009 Uvaggio Lodi Rosato, purchased for $11 at my local wine shop (retails for approx. $11-14). I'm pleased to report that this budget rosé, while lacking the wow factor, is balanced and refreshing. It's a zippy poolside choice for a summertime picnic with cold-cuts and salad, or a weekend BBQ, or a cool post-work drink.

Vintage: 2009
Wine Type: Ro
Varietal: Primitivo/Barbera
Appellation: California, Lodi
Alcohol %: 12.7%

A blend of 71% Primitivo and 29% Barbera grapes, the wine is a light pinkish color and gives off faint aromas of summer fruits, especially strawberries and cherries. My first thought was, "This rosé tastes like melted Sweettarts, the candy." 

It shows flavors of berry, watermelon, burnt orange, and rose petal, with rather low acidity. Light in the mouth, with a clean finish, the Rosato would go down well with relatively simple fare, like ham sandwiches; cheeseburgers and fries; a field greens salad with balsamic vinaigrette dressing; BBQ pork; fried chicken; and roasted seasonal veggies. 

We knocked back most of the bottle soon after opening, without food. 
Although this is far from the best rosé I've ever had, I will buy it again if it's hot and I'm thirsty and in the mood for a dry, everyday Rosé that's priced to sell.
GAW Rating: 3/5 (a good choice for summer-time sipping on a budget)

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